Hi! I’m Wayne Dang or better known as the Traveling Asian. I am a part time travel blogger with a full time job as a real estate investor. I am not able to travel all the time but when i do, I make sure to get as much information as I can.

I started this blog because i found a shortage of answers to my questions.

Things such as:

  • “How do you travel for cheap”?
  • “Where are the best places to eat in Taiwan?”
  • “Best affordable places to stay at in Hawaii?
  • “What are the best things to do in Texas”?

There are thousands of blogs online, and almost all of them are the same. They just talk about themselves too much and not enough info about the actual place. Which is why this website was started. To give people the information they rightfully deserve.

I try my best to write about all i can when i travel. So hopefully you all can enjoy.


More About Me

Growing up in Houston, Texas, i was always a fan of traveling. However there was just one downside. Traveling is just too expensive. So i had to do what any normal person would do, and that is to get a job. 

After working at various places, I earned enough money to start investing in houses. It is through this that I have enough income to be able to travel from time to time.

Unlike other bloggers who quit their jobs and are able to travel full time, I chose a different path. I decided to be a part time travel blogger. I travel every few months and with that experience I try to share as much about what I experienced with all of you

So hopefully you all love or enjoy my posts.


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