20 Best Things to Do In Tokyo, Japan

The Traveling Asian
What are some of the best things to do in Tokyo, Japan? After all, Tokyo, Japan is one of the most popular destinations in the world. With many people having it on their bucket list of places to travel to. I've been fortunate enough to travel to Japan many times in my life and...

10 Fear Factors Preventing You From Traveling Solo

The Traveling Asian
What are some fear factors that are preventing you from traveling solo? After all, when I had first started to travel, I always thought that traveling meant going with a group of people. I had never thought about the idea of traveling solo as to me that just felt so weird and dangerous.

10 Important Things To Bring On Your Japan Trip

The Traveling Asian
What are some important things you'll want to bring with you on your Japan Trip? After all, packing the right things can be crucial for any trip. Often times when we bring items, we tend to just pack just the common items like a toothbrush, towels, clothes etc...

7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Traveling Solo

The Traveling Asian
What are some things to do in order to get the most out of traveling solo? After all, traveling around doesn't necessarily have to be with a group. In fact, traveling can be done solo by yourself. Many people have been traveling by themselves and it was...

How To Not Be Overwhelmed When Traveling

The Traveling Asian
How are you suppose to not be overwhelmed when traveling around the world? After all, anytime a person is about to travel, that time is probably the most stressful part of the trip. There's just so many things you have to think about and do. Things like: What...

How To Get Over Your Fear Of Traveling

The Traveling Asian
How are you suppose to get over your fear of traveling? After all in my opinion, traveling can be a wonderful experience for many people. It can also be a scary experience for them as well. Especially if you never traveled before, the fear of traveling can definitely...

What Does Budget Traveling Mean To You?

The Traveling Asian
Have you ever wondered how to travel on a budget? Or better yet, what does budget traveling mean to you? Over the years of traveling, I been fortunate enough to go to many different places and also meet many different types of people. Many of whom are so generous and open-minded. They were able...

How To Find Cheap Flights In 2020

What are some things you should do in order to find cheap flights? After all, traveling to any where in the world can be quite costly. Especially when most of the cost is tied to your airfare. Finding a great deal on flight tickets is just as important...

8 Things To Pack For Emergencies

What are some essential things to pack for emergencies? After all, often times when we travel, we don't really think about the things that we pack too carefully. However what if we were to travel to a destination that are prone to natural disasters. Such as earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, tsunamis etc...

Why Traveling Without A Plan Is The Best

The Traveling Asian
Why is traveling without a plan the best thing to do? After all, when I first started to travel years ago, I always had a plan. My plan was to research and find out everything I can about the location I was traveling to. Then I would map out what days I would do...

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