Normally when people travel around, they almost never think that there is any difference between female or male traveling. After all, it’s just travel right?

I mean I traveled countless times with my female friends and we all ended up with the same result. We got to eat the same foods, do the same activities, see the same culture, etc… It almost feels like there is no difference between one another. We all got to do the same stuff.

So why would traveling be different between either genders?

In actuality, there are many differences between traveling as a female or male.

Unlike guys, women have to watch out for themselves as in many cultures, women don’t have the same freedom they are use to like in the states.

For instance, some countries treat women as if they are slaves. From dictating them on what to wear to even not allowing them to go outside by themselves.

Quite a few of my friends who have traveled by themselves have said that at times they feared for their safety.

I had one friend who came back from Japan that said she had been groped a few times by being on the super packed train. Which to me sounds shocking as you don’t really tend to see that here in America.

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Now its true that both men and women do have to worry about their own safety when they are traveling.

Usually most things can be avoided just be using a bit of common sense. However somethings just can’t be avoided.

A few years ago, one of my friends went to India to travel around. She traveled by herself thinking that everything was going to be fine. However one day she was out strolling the markets, some young men came and started to follow her around. They kept following her around until some old Indian lady’s came out and started slapping the guys away. The lady’s told my friend to not be scared and to just fight back in case anything does happen. When my friend went to the police, they simply didn’t even bother to help her as they just asked why was she alone here. It’s astonishing.

Fortunately I am a guy so I don’t have to deal with such hassles as much as women, but still it is very aggravating. It made me realize that yes, there is totally a difference between male and female travels. Whenever I travel, I rarely run into problems. But if one of my friends travel solo, something usually always turns up. This is a big concern with me as I always want whats best for my friends.

Also, depending on which countries you go to, just trying to follow the rules isn’t enough. They also have to dress and act a certain way too. Although this uses a bit of common sense. For instance women in certain countries are not allowed to show skin. So as long as you are fully covered up you will have no problems. But sometimes people forget. This can result in a plethora of guys trying to take advantage or do cat calls or make gestures at you. This can definitely be uncomfortable for women. Which is why women have to always be aware of how they dress while traveling alone.

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Sadly enough, there are many things that women have to think about and consider before doing things if they are going to travel alone. Things like going out alone without a group or guy, how they dress, how they act etc..It can be dangerous depending on the situation.

Now this doesn’t mean that women shouldn’t travel alone.

All it means is that for a women who wants to travel by themselves, they just have to take extra precautions while traveling to ensure their safety.

This also doesn’t mean that other countries are entirely dangerous, in fact my own country the USA is also a pretty dangerous place. Things like heavy gun crimes, violence, robberies etc… are all pretty common here in the states. It’s not safe to walk around here alone at night either. That goes the same for both men and women, however it’s more so for the women. Which is why they always have to keep their guards up.

I’m not saying that it’s just women who are always in danger. In fact, men who travel by themselves also has their own concerns for safety as well. But women have to worry a tad bit more than men. Women have to try to think of the right choices to make, be vigilant and dominant in cultures where they are unfamiliar in.

This is why you see many sites make a big deal out of solo female traveling, and also why you see many different posts and topic about this. It’s to help keep women safe and have a better trip.

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Solo female traveling can be a very rewarding experience that you would definitely enjoy. It doesn’t have to be dangerous or unsafe.

Basically as long as you do some research before hand and learn about the things that you should or should not do in a country, you’ll be fine.